Microsoft, the well-established tech giant had release a productivity suite in the year 1990 with an aim to deliver the customers a perfect combo of services, servers and applications. The initial versions of this Office Setup were bundled with only few set of applications. However, the versions users are using today has a lot of exciting features and exceptional applications as well as services with the help of which they can work in a team without being actually present at the same place.

Most of the Office applications also have common spell checker, OLE data integration and a variety of scripting language. To meet the growing expectations of the end users, Microsoft has launched different versions of Office tailored made for your Windows OS, macOS and mobile devices. Every version has additional features and requires particular specifications in a device. Its desktop and mobile versions can be purchased either online or offline. Things you should keep in mind during both the modes of purchase are as follows:


  1. For purchasing the MS Office Setup online, visit the website
  2. Choose your product and click purchase
  3. Once the purchase completes, you will get an Office setup product key that would be required at the time of download and activation
  4. This key will be sent to you on the email ID you provide


  1. If you have purchased the Office from a retail store, you will get a complete pack including a card from which you can get the Office product key
  2. Keep this key secure!

So, you can redeem the Office product key (required at the time of download or activation) from your email ID or inside the box you get with the Offline purchase.

Important Tips:

Before you check out downloading, installing or activation steps, keep the below mentioned points in your mind (Applicable for almost all the Office versions):

  1. Your operating system should be compatible with the Office version you are purchasing
  2. Download Office 32- or 64-bit version according to the operating system you are using
  3. Make sure your system or the device has enough storage space
  4. Make sure there is no other Office version previously installed on your devices

FOR WINDOWS Download for Windows

  1. Once you complete the purchase, sign in to your Microsoft account by visiting
  2. Now, provide your Office product key
  3. From the list of subscription, click Download in front of the product you have purchased Installation for Windows

  1. Go to my account by visiting the link
  2. Now, choose the version (32 or 64 bit) and your preferred language
  3. Click Install
  4. Once the setup file gets installed on your device, click any of the following depending upon the web browser you are using:
    • Run- Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer
    • Setup- Google Chrome)
    • Save File-Mozilla Firefox
  5. On the User Account Control prompt, click Yes on the message “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device”
  6. This will be begin the installation
  7. You’re all set! Office is installed now Activation for Windows

Be it Office 365, Office 2007, Office 2010 or any other version, if it is not activated, it is of no use. So, for activating your Office subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Open any of the Office application, such as PowerPoint or Word by searching the same from Windows menu
  2. Mostly, the Office gets automatically activated once you access its application and then click Accept to the terms and conditions
  3. In other case, you will be prompted by a Microsoft Office Activation Wizard
  4. Click Next
  5. Provide the Office product key and then click Activate

Office Setup FOR MAC Download for Mac

To install Office Setup for your iOS device, follow these steps:

  1. To download your purchased Office subscription, log in to your Microsoft Office setup account by visiting
  2. Create a new account by providing the required details like email ID, password and more
  3. Provide the Office product key
  4. You can now proceed to installation Installation for Mac

  1. Open your Office My Account at
  2. Skip the step, if already logged in
  3. Under the name of your subscription, click Install
  4. On the next page, choose Install to start downloading the installation package
  5. Now, open Finder
  6. Visit Downloads and double click the double-click Microsoft_Office_2016_Installer.pkg
  7. Click Continue to start the installation process
  8. Review the software license agreement and click Continue to move further
  9. Select the way you want to install the Office package
  10. Click continue
  11. Check the disc space and click Install once again
  12. Provide your Mac user name or password, if prompted
  13. Click Install Software
  14. Wait until the installation finishes Activation for Mac

  1. Hit the Launchpad icon in the dock to show all the applications
  2. Hit the Microsoft Office application
  3. This will open the What’s New window
  4. Click Get Started
  5. Your MS Office subscription is now activated!


Office Setup ANDROID

  • download
    1. Open the Google Playstore
    2. Search for Microsoft Office or individual application, such as Word
    3. Click Download
    4. Wait until the process finishes
  • installation
    1. Once you download the application or the complete Office suite, tap on any application
    2. You will be asked to provide your Microsoft Office work, school or personal account details (email ID and password)
    3. Enter the same and tap Sign in
    4. Tap Start using Word and create your documents
    5. For adding another account to your Office setup account, do the following
      • Tap Open or Open Other Documents
      • Add a place
      • In OneNote, tap Settings and then Accounts
      • Select the Cloud Service you wish to add
      • It’s good to go!

Office Setup iPhone/iPad

  • download
    1. Open the Apple Store
    2. Search for the Office application
    3. Click download
  • installation
    1. Once the download finishes, tap on any of the Office applications to launch it
    2. Sign in by providing the required log in details or create a new account by clicking over the link given
    3. Tap Next
    4. Now, tap on Turn on Notifications to enable the alerts or the notifications or choose Not Now, if you don’t want to receive the same
    5. Now, you can tap on Create and Edit to start with the Office application
    6. You can also add another account like OneDrive for Business with your existing Office account. For this, do the following:
      • Tap Account and then tap Add a Service
      • Now, choose any cloud service from the list, if required
      • Provide the email address or the password to sign into that particular cloud service
      • You can now use it

At any point of time during download, installation or activation, if you face any trouble, immediately call Office Setup toll-free number. A technician will be glad to assist you!